Monday, September 23, 2013

Pelvic Physical Therapy in the Media

Recently there have been a few things about pelvic PT that have been in the media and I'd like to share them with you! I always get excited when there is a mainstream article or discussion about pelvic floor issues and how PT can help! The more information gets shared the more people can be helped, which is such a wonderful thing!

Elle Magazine
In August, Elle featured an article by a woman who experienced pelvic pain and sought the help of a pelvic PT. You can read the article here.

They also featured an interview with a pelvic floor therapist, Amy Stein, MPT, BCB-PMD. That interview can be read here.

Thank you to Elle Magazine for helping to spread the word that there is help out there for women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction!

The Today Show
A patient actually came in one day, excited to report that she had seen someone talking about pelvic PT on The Today Show. In a segment called "Gross Anatomy: Answers to your embarrassing medical questions" a gynecologist discusses pelvic PT as an option for women dealing with urinary incontinence.

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Like I said, I love to share when pelvic PT or pelvic health is in the media, so let me know if you see anything to share!

Come back for my next post when guest blogger Christina Bobco, PT, DPT will be answering some common questions about pelvic health and PT.

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