Monday, October 6, 2014

Male birth control - coming soon?

Last week I talked about how oral contraceptives may contribute to vaginal pain conditions in women. Well, back in September I read a very interesting article about male birth control and how this may be just around the corner. The article indicated that Vasalgel, which is a non-hormonal polymer that gets injected in to the vas deferens to block sperm release, is about to enter human trials, with hopes to have it on the market in 2017.

I for one will be following this with great interest (though my husband says he has no interest in having anything injected "down there"). Aside from the recent studies looking at links between oral contraceptives and vestibulodynia, there are a host of other side effects from these hormonal birth controls. These range from the mild (headaches, nausea) or moderate (decreased libido, depression) to severe (blood clots). I think this is a great step in moving away from birth control that messes with our hormones, but I do have reservations about injecting a foreign substance into our men and whether that will cause side effects as well. I guess further research and time will tell.

Read the full article about Vasalgel here.

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